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Send personalized transactional emails that reach inboxes, not spam folders.

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Customize your analytics with pre-built dashboards, export API, and more.


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Use custom tagging, whitelabeling, conditional content, and more.

Transactional Email Global Infrastructure Abstract UI Static

Globally Distributed Infrastructure

Featuring automatic feedback loop registration and dedicated IPs.

Transactional Email A/B Testing Scaleable Analytics Abstract UI Static

Scalable Analytics

Get analytics in multiple ways, plus custom tags, A/B test capabilities, and comparative reports.

Transactional Email Sending Receiving Options Whitelabeling Abstract UI Static

Sending and Receiving Options

Utilize white-labelled click tracking, custom reverse DNS, rules engine, custom return path, and sub-accounts.

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1.79 Seconds

That’s the average time to delivery for top 3 ISPs, sent from our MTAs to the recipient’s email server.

Transactional Email Abstract UI HTML If Else Merge Tag Code Examples Static

Do more with templates and conditional content

Create custom content with conditions to reduce your need for redundant templates, or use handlebars and merge tags. Build emails from scratch with the HTML template editor, or import your Mailchimp templates with a few clicks.

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Inbound email routing

Use transactional API to manage your inbound email and POST to your servers.

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Default sending options

Start with logical default configurations and change them later at any level.

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Transactional Email HTML Integrations Wrappers Mandrill

Integrations and Wrappers

Native integrations and wrappers for almost all platforms and frameworks.

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