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Marketing that drives e‑commerce success

Whether you’re getting online for the first time or scaling, Mailchimp has tools and insights to help you sell more stuff.

Product detail page showing Variety Pack of soda for $14.

Start selling online in minutes

Mailchimp makes it easy to sell stuff online, even if you don’t have an e-commerce store. Our website and commerce tools give you everything you need to launch your business, including a custom domain. And you can get started for free.

Already have an online store?

Connect it to Mailchimp to unlock powerful e-commerce tools that will help you increase conversions and generate more revenue.


Connect your store

Sync your purchase data, send highly-targeted campaigns, and increase sales.

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Automate your work

Target people based on purchase activity and website engagement—automatically.

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Know your people

Learn about your customers, organize their data, and personalize your marketing.

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Connect with 250+ integrations

Example of an automated email offering a discount, sent after a customer buys a product.

Drive sales with automations

Our Customer Journey builder enables you to design automated purchase paths for shoppers based on how they interact with your business.

Recover abandoned carts

Remind shoppers about the merch they left in their cart.

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Bring people back to your site

After a customer buys something, get feedback or recommend other items.

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Product retargeting emails

Remind customers to come back for other items they saw on your site.

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Expand your reach and grow your business

Mailchimp lets you seamlessly launch campaigns across multiple channels and reach your customers in the right place at the right time.


Engage your audience with branded emails that make you look like a pro.

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Social media

Build a following on social media through organic posts and targeted ads.

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Digital ads

Find new fans or retarget existing customers to drive repeat purchases.

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Pop-up forms

Collect customer data and grow your email audience with opt-in pop-up forms.

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“With Mailchimp, we can see what messaging worked for email, what worked for ads, and very easily apply those learnings because everything is in one place.”


Do more with your customer data

Our Marketing CRM tools help you get to know your customers, find out what’s working, and turn those insights into action.


Increase conversion rates by sending customers relevant, targeted campaigns.

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Audience dashboard

Understand your customers, their behaviors, and their preferences at a glance.

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Built-in analytics

Review your website and marketing performance data in one convenient place.

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