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Make your email content more engaging

Our Content Optimizer helps you improve your email content by comparing your campaigns to email best practices and offering suggestions to make your copy, imagery, and layout even better.

Content Optimizer currently only supports email campaigns in English.

Find out what can be improved

Most email reports only tell you how your campaigns performed. Our Content Optimizer analyzes your campaign content and makes personalized suggestions for how to improve future emails.

Keep raising the bar with Content Optimizer

  • Get your point across

    Make sure your message is coming through loud and clear with suggestions for making your email copy more skimmable.

  • Tie your content together

    Get suggestions to help ensure your text and visuals are working together to engage your customers.

  • Show off your style

    Keep your typography consistent throughout your email to ensure a clean, professional and polished look and feel.

  • Reach your goals

Master every aspect of your email content

Combine Content Optimizer with our existing email marketing tools and put your best foot forward with every email.

Create beautiful designs

Our Creative Assistant creates and resizes designs for you.

Send winning content

Test different versions of content with A/B testing.

Stay top of mind

Create automated journeys that send the right messages.

See why they click

See where customers clicked in your emails with Click Maps.

Get their attention

Get real-time feedback on your subject lines.

Start making your email content more engaging

Use the suggestions from Content Optimizer in your next email campaign, or share them with your team to discuss and brainstorm.

See what else you can do