Dynamic Content

Save time when creating personalized emails

Tired of all the effort it takes to create multiple versions of emails for different contacts? Create more personalized emails without doing extra work.

Higher engagement

Send content that matters the most, and drive more engagement and results.

Less effort, more personalization

Create just one email and dynamically personalize it for multiple contacts.

Easy to use

Drag and drop content blocks to personalize messages—no coding needed.

Dynamic Content Email Editor Abstract UI

Get started with dynamic content

Drag any content block into your email and quickly start personalizing content.

Dynamic Content Choosing Your Target Audience Abstract UI

Choose your target contacts

Select your target contacts using your saved groups and merge tags.

Dynamic Content Abstract UI Personalize Your Message

Personalize your message

Write compelling copy in the text box that resonates with your selected contacts, then repeat with the next block.

Start personalizing your emails with dynamic content.

Available in our Standard or Premium plans.

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