Marketing Campaign Segmentation

Send the right marketing campaigns to the right audiences

Our audience segmentation tools make it easy to send people messages that matter to them, without overwhelming them with ones that don’t.

Email with campaign click rates showing targeted segment has a higher open rate.

On average, segmented email marketing campaigns result in 23% higher open rates and 49% higher click‑through rates than unsegmented campaigns.

Market smarter with audience segmentation tools

Whether you want to target messages based on how people engage with you or bring your own custom insights into Mailchimp as segmentation options, you’ll have all the options you need to filter your audience data.

Talk to people with shared traits

Sort contacts based on data you’ve collected, like location or signup source.

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Target based on behavior

Let the way people engage with your brand guide the content you create for them.

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Use your own unique insights

Filter by details unique to your needs using tags and custom form fields.

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See what we can predict for you

Use predictive insights to better target customer purchase behavior.

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Segment your marketing campaigns in a click

Quickly reach different customer segments with Mailchimp's selection of ready-made marketing segmentation based on campaign activity, purchase history, and more—so you can start targeting right away.

Segmentation tools that scale with your business

Creating a segment based on who opened last campaign.

Start simple and learn as you go

Just by identifying a single characteristic that you want to filter your audience by, you can start to be more intentional about what you say. And by sending more targeted messages to smaller segments, you’ll learn more from how these contacts interact with marketing and email campaigns.

Creating a segment based on who opened the last campaign or who is based in Atlanta.

Layer on filters to tighten up your targeting

As your audience grows, you can layer up to 5 segmentation criteria to find exactly who you want to talk to. You can also save these audience filters and they’ll update automatically with the latest data, so you'll always know you’re talking to the right people.

Creating a segment based on who opened the last campaign before feb 3, who is a new customer or who is based in Atlanta.

Ready to get more advanced? We’ve got you covered.

Become even more targeted with your email marketing. With advanced segmentation, you can add a set of nested conditions that allow for different combinations of data you’ve collected—like purchase activity, gender, age range, and more.

Add a personal touch

Once you’ve segmented the right demographic, make your messages feel like a 1-to-1 conversation with dynamic content, merge tags, personalized send times, and more.

"I really believe segmentation helps us to prevent unsubscribes, because people aren't getting swarmed with email. We do see a correlation between our segmentation and increased sales."

Mary Chapman, marketing manager of Formaggio Kitchen

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Start segmenting like a pro.

Mailchimp's segmentation tools can level up your email marketing and enable your business to reach your customer segments effectively.

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